We all are, as I have been, born out of the fluidity of our intrauterine transition in a specific place, environment, geographical location, nation – and yes, all together on this rather wonderful blue planet, floating with its own giant mass of water in the familiar solar circumference of this immense cosmic ocean of seemingly infinite space....
As each plant grows according to the conditions of its immediate surroundings, so also have we emerged from the roots of the soil and culture of our home-grounds and -lands. While the growing urban- and globalization of our contemporary civilization almost dissolves the uniqueness of a
given place and nation, we all have to admit that the nursery times and rhymes of the early years still form not only our language but also our attitudes and outlooks on life. Having been born in a border region between the then so called 'free' West and the iron-curtained East there had always been the interest about the other side, the need to understand the different, the urge to cross over, dissolve the boundaries, to follow the call of adventure and freedom!
Auroville with its attempt of a creative and peaceful integration of our human family is a small representation and expression of the emerging need of a more global oriented civilization. To live here brings the personal background – that which sounds through our mask of conditionings - in the wider context of the evolutionary journey of our humanity. Imagine that after long visits and activities abroad you come 'home' into a community constituted by people of more than 40 different nationalities, of very diverse backgrounds and cultures ! The definition and parameters of identity shift and I feel home in the diversity and richness of not only an international community but am part of a human family, belonging to this colorful clan of settlers from another
sphere. And more and more of these youthful 'sound-pilgrims' are visiting, passing through, staying to assist, following a quest for a new vibration, an unknown sound, a new music.
Of course, through the progressive onward path of this our species and its organization, while sharing the precious goods of our origin we still have to cross borders, carry passports and go through tight security checks – alone the realms of creative thinking and compassionate feeling are free, the spheres of deeper and higher listening still spreading their wings, sending signals from new horizons, offering promises of a wholesome, harmonious and sound life!