It doesn't take much to befriend music, traveling across the sheer infinite ocean of sound. Even if stages of this journey had to be mastered through reading charted mappings in university institutes and libraries laying out the theoretical routes, the real adventure lies in the moving, out in the field, deep in the listening.
Under-standing has not really been my forte, rather the swimming, dancing, whirling, the diving in and out strong surges of deep experiences, trying to catch a ride on the thin board of lucid clarity in-midst the surf of powerful waves.....Contemplative practices and inner and outer guidance to find proper orientation while crossing the sea of Nada/Sound have safely stirred the boat, equipped with a minimum of rational paraphernalia, necessary instrumentations for the explorer.
Teachings of diverse wisdom traditions and 'spiritual sciences', of Anthropology, Astronomy and Astrology explaining the workings of creation and its cycles and rhythms on the macro scale; Psychology and Integral Yoga exposing the dynamics of inner alchemies; various approaches of Music Practice and -Art having enhanced and stimulated the constant, focused discovery process over more than 3 decades.
The challenge to translate the inner experience into the direct work with matter, the focus on evoking the sound out of natural materials, the learning about their density, consistency, texture, limitations and capacity of resonance stimulates the ever undulating process of revelation and manifestation, to expose, bring forward the inherent vibratory energy state of matter.
Musical instruments are approached through phenomenological studies not only of their material, form, shape, symbolism, function, role and impact but foremost as an extension of the human instrumentation of sensory and motoric capacity and creativity and as tools for a higher perception and expression of our true nature. They are age-old and ever new companions, friends, teachers, guides, rare and precious instruments for the immanent task of the human being, our growth towards perfection or transcendence of the species.