'Sound Journey', 'Sonic Dimension', 'Song of the Priced Pearl', 'Preghiera Semplice', 'Art and Nature of Voice', 'Tuning – A Sound Approach to Life' - seminars, workshops, conferences; performances, numerous presentations / shows in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, India
Joining the Utopian Town Project of Auroville, South India Co-creating Vérité Integral Learning Center for Health, Healing and Sustainability
Since 1994
Aurelio frequently travels throughout the world, giving lectures, workshops, presentations, participating in international conferences on unending education, culture of heritage as well as innovative instruments and sound applications.
1993 – 2003
Stage work in community productions and professional work on national level
1995 – 1998
Auroville Dance Lab: 'Crossroads', 'Mantra', 'Savitri' – contemporary dance
1996 – 2000
Adishakti Laboratory for Theatre Arts Research: 'Brihannala', 'Impressions of Bhima' – theatre sound scape
2000 – 2002
Village Action Group, Surveys on 'Intangible Heritage' in the local Tamil context. Teaching communication skills and social awareness for development workers of Auroville
'Stars', a children's musical, produced with former Creative Arts School for village children
Founder of Mohanam Cultural Center, Tamil Heritage Work and Art School. Creative Summer Camps, youth performing group in folk dance and theatre, music and martial arts; numerous choreographies for Youth Group's participation in annual dance festivals
'Yatra', Production of the awarded children's film
Founding of Svaram Musical Instruments, Vocational Training Center and Research Station
2004 – 2013
Auroville Theatre productions: 'The Ascend to Truth', 'Perseus', 'Eric' – composition and performance of music and soundscapes
Since 2005
Cooperations with international artists, experts and instrument makers:
Prof. Klaus Fessmann, Composer, Lecturer, creator of Sound Stones, Germany;
Alexander Zhigarev, Bell-Master, Moscow/Russia
Bart Hopkin, Experimental Musical Instruments, California/USA
Rüdiger Schoedel, Sound Sculptor, Switzerland
Since 2008
Collaboration on Music Therapy conferences in India, networking in association with World Federation of Music Therapy
Sibelius Academy, Helsinki – seminar on ‘Music, Youth and Community' Music Academy, Vienna – seminar on ‘ Harmonics of Auroville'
Sookmyung University, Seoul, Korea – seminars on 'Sound Healing and Music Therapy', ‘Auroville – City of Transformation’ - Expo, New Delhi
Since 2012
'SVARAM New Waves' – Sound Sources for Harmonization: ongoing research, development and creation of pioneering, new musical instruments
Grants & Funding
A number of the above projects have been supported by
Rose Foundation
Ford Foundation
Government of India Research and Educational Grants
India Foundation for the Arts
Foundation for World Education
Stichting de Zaaier / Netherlands
as well as by private donations from international artists.