The role of sound and music in the process of growth, regeneration, healing and integration has filled the human understanding with wonder and awe since ancient times. Facing today’s world of tremendous inner, social and global challenges, it is not surprising that has been rediscovered. It finds expression in manifold conventional and innovative applications, from the ever present impact of the mass media to new disciplines of sound healing and music therapy while also archaic practices and sacred traditions are reemerging.
With a background in Music Therapy, Aurelio, through manifold explorations on the nature of sound and its effect on the mind/body system and in learning exchange with international experts, has evolved his own unique approach to Sound Healing Work. He is presently offering treatments and sessions in the Quiet Healing Center on the Coromandal Coast. Numerous exposures incorporating Shamanic techniques of many different cultures, studies in the neo-pythagorean tradition of Harmonic Science, ancient wisdom and cutting edge scientific discoveries are all brought together in a synthesis and novel way to produce effecting relaxation and harmonization of the multi-layered constitution and process of our being.
Inspiring students of the healing arts, Aurelio shares his expertise freely and mentors students and professionals through direct contact or programs. He is also supporting the emergence of a network of practitioners and researchers in India. (see also the program section of the Campus)
Besides the standard range of our instruments we are proud to be able to offer a specifically created selection for Sound Healing which can fully equip a therapeutic/counseling set up.
At the core of the work stands the Sound Healing Bed ( which allows a complete immersion into the soothing vibration and natural resonance of strings.
The New Waves Series ( brings together newly developed instruments like Swinging- and Rotating Chimes, Tubular Bells, Plate Gongs, PulseTubes etc, all in specific harmonic tunings, which create an interesting 'touch of sound' and can generate archetypal spheres of awareness – the circle, the spiral, the ray, pathways - in the practitioner and deeper states of consciousness in the client.
The outdoor Sound Shrine and indoor Sound Space ( represent a unique integration of many of these selected instruments into a consecrated space for attunement and transformation.
Applications for Personal Growth
Contemplative listening and creative expression support the growing individual in his/her unfoldment and integrative movement towards centered, harmonious well-being. The power of sound rightly employed can transform personality, and change old conditioning in creative ways. Music has a direct impact through enjoyable listening and spontaneous, free play - even for people thought to have no talent. It is a rewarding experience to witness how sound itself can be the guide, leading the explorer along the path of self discovery. The journey with the instruments becomes a symbol in our search for harmony. According to the individual disposition, any of the SVARAM instruments can take the role of a companion, friend, or inner child. Which reminds us of our inherent good and balance.
Applications for Music Therapy
Basically, we find two approaches in music therapy, the passive receptive listening, vibrational healing method and the active participatory, co-creative method.
Certain instruments of our production are ideal for sound therapy. They have a unique, exceptional quality of resonance (sound stones, sound healing table and the specifically created New Wave Series) or specific sound effects (shell horn, ocean drum, storm drum, rain stick, rain rattle). Additionally most of the instruments are easy to play, sturdy and affordable. A creative atmosphere for a music or therapy room can be easily created and enhanced through the presence of selected instruments.
Applications for Home & Environmental Harmony
Our work with Wind Chimes is inspired by the Chinese geomantic art and science of Feng Shui and the principles of the Indian equivalent of Vastu Shastra. This has brought us experience in the harmonization of homes and spaces through the introduction of selected, specifically tuned chimes of various sizes and materials. The result is our newly created series of Vastu Wind Chimes.
We are further developing new house and table bells, single tubular gongs and meditation bells on the base of planetary frequencies. These will bring more awareness and harmony into private, corporate and public environments. SVARAM has worked on public sound installations, creating sound-scapes in gardens and parks through the application of suspended extra large wind chimes.
One of the world's largest, tuned chimes installation has been created for the new Mumbai Airport.(
Applications for Healing & Wellness
Through the growing need for healing and wellness institutions, the importance of sound and music for the harmonization of our life is coming to the foreground. We are happy that in this regard our research and instruments find a wider echo and appropriate application. Especially their resonating quality and invitation to creativity can make the SVARAM instruments an essential factor in your activities and projects.
Applications for the Sacred
It had been an auspicious calling a few years ago, when a newly built temple invited SVARAM team to create tubular bells which “would resonate with the sound of OM”. Of course it sounds presumptuous to recreate the great universal sound in a small human made instrument. But as a result of this experimental work, we are now able to offer finely tuned chimes, either played by the wind or operated through an electronic programed electro-mechanic devise. These new tubular bells enhance the atmosphere of sacred places, meditation spaces or ashrams. Visitors to such places often are enamored by the vibration of the mysterious, invisible sound of the “heavenly bells”.
Reflections on approaching Svaram Musical Instruments
(from a letter to a friend/customer) “I am glad to hear that your order is well received and that the instruments find resonance !
As we dont really have instruction manuals allow me here some initial reflections: The beauty of Svaram instruments is that they can be played without "knowledge", that exactly your novice approach brings out their special gift, similar to the Zen advise to retain the "Beginner's Mind", or in the context of the ancient Indian Rasa Theory: let Adbhuta, the sentiment of Wonder inspire your approach.
The 'musical brain' is in polarity to the purely logical faculty and invites to experience reality through feeling, sensing. In free exploration and the joy of discovery - like in the innocent play of a child - the unknown and the unexpected can unfold and surprise us with fresh energy, deep experience and insights. It is a kind of path of renewed exploration, again and again being with the quality of the moment, with oneself, the atmosphere and the instrument. All of which can help us to relax, align, center, dream, express, and create - all in a light and playful way!
Once we manage to let the mind just observe and rest, and tap into our inherent creativity, letting our playfulness or contemplation unfold, music seems to flow from an inner or higher source, refreshing our entire being with essential life energy.
So in the occupation with an instrument is rather like meeting an unknown friend which will turn out to be a precious companion, solidly there, whenever we can open ourselves for that inner and inspiring contact. In this way to be, play, and contemplate with the instrument can unfold into an exciting journey of self-finding. The more we learn about and become confident the more we can also share and invite others into this rewarding adventure.
You can listen to single tones and their echoes, play with one hand only, alternate or with both in a duo. You may also select certain tone combinations, intervals, leave them in dialogue, measure distances, explore melody lines as pathways, repeat certain phrases or mantric patterns, hum along, chant the tune, play rhythmic pulsations, regular patterns, intersperse pauses, be chaotic or well ordered, compose your own configuration, play blindly, feel, dream.....follow each note again into silence ....
In this way the instrument becomes your very own and your style remains unique to your personality and environment. In this way, music is just the waking and soothing call into the awareness of a moment well lived - and spent with joy, awe and gratitude!
I hope that these spontaneous reflections can inspire you to set out on the adventure of discovering the beauty of music inherent to our deepest self as a gift so essential to our existence in the mid-world between the heavens and our earth, a golden bridge to travel .......”
Sound Healing Courses
Responding to increasing inquiries we are presently working on creating a series of training sessions to introduce basic concepts and practices of sound healing.
(see also the general programs offered: ( Taking advantage of the rich learning field of Auroville 'Campus' we are working in collaboration with other teachers, musicians and healers to offer an overall exposure to this emerging healing art form.
Components included so far are:
play and work with selected instruments
parameters of therapeutic work
concepts and guidelines of sound healing
introduction to the specialized “New Waves' instruments
basics of the work with the Sound Bed
healing voice practices
harmonic singing