From the smallest particles to the largest galaxies, in apparently still and solid, densest matter as also in the subtlest atmospheric occurrences and radiations - there is constant, unceasing movement, a flow and pulsation, a weaving of the waves of creation. The unfolding of life in myriad
organic forms can be directly observed and seen; the play of thought and activities of mind perceived, measured, analyzed; in deep sleep or contemplative stillness there is only a slowing down. Even in death there is no halt, where an entropic process just begins – it all seems part of a continuing journey through the oceanic ever changing flux of this existence... Most of these movements are nowadays not only quantifiable but also have their unique qualities, phases, periods, rhythms, cycles, specific frequencies, vibrations, tunes, and compositions. All together, they contribute to the grandiose symphony and total orchestration of this universe.
Deep Listening has always been held as a golden key, a direct access, the middle path, an opportunity of not only understanding but of a mystic and full identification with the secret workings of our individual life and natural and cosmic surroundings. Even while we can directly only hear a rather small bandwidth of around 10 octaves from the total scale of vibrations - which reaches from the infra-slowest ranges of galactic pulsations to the unimaginable ultra-light high frequency range of gamma rays – the ear seems to be the entry gate into deeper and truly touching perceptions and intuitions about the nature and workings of the world. From the first recognition of a new life inside the mother's womb to the opening into subtler realms of inspiration and intuition, we are 'listening' beyond our capacity of mere
hearing, we are tuning-in and coming into resonance with the more subtle movements of life. We are inmidst - and ourselves - a vibrational world.
Music has often been percieved as a bridge to the unknown and has always integrated of the magic / sacred dimension of life with socio-ethic fabric of society and its harmonized functioning. The research of the last decades in the field of psycho-acoustics and neurology reawakens an increased awareness and acceptance of the powerful aspects of sound and music and its impact upon individuals, communities and environments and their state of health, balance and wellbeing.
A growing international interest in these activities brings to SVARAM now, on the background of decades of Aurelio‘s studies, research and practice in this field, associations and collaborations with international experts and institutions eg. World Federation of Music Therapy, International Sound Healing Association etc.
The “SVARAM New Waves” series is a unique range of instruments based on Pythagorean studies and harmonic principles and is specifically geared for the use in the emerging field of psycho-somatic medicine. Teaching modalities are now developed to be able to make the unique gifts of these instruments available to interested professionals and a wider public.
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