The inspiration for deep listening flows from above, from within, deep down and brings images, ideas, intuitions, but mostly is heard, directly perceived in its waves, rivulets, streams, cascades....and is expressed in sound, shaped into words, structured into music. Seers, often even blind, are also and possibly foremost deep listeners.
What is then the equivalent of a visionary – if the influx comes through the auditory channel ? Isn't this the base for a composer, musician who tries to express it through a more or less good translation into his chosen media of a notation or directly on a given instrument? But what do I do when the innerly heard is just so far off from any conventional or known way of expression, when the instruments are not yet there which could convey the perceived ?
A visiting bell-maker and -master from Russia told me about a deep and transforming sound experience he had in his youth – and that it took him more than 30 years of explorations with bell-casting, forging, tempering to be able to find a kind of outer equivalent of what he had heard, felt, perceived, experienced.
There is this ancient Chinese myth, having rung in my ears for years: a legendary Stone Player will appear when humanity is in danger of shutting up in a material and ego driven cocoon and isolation; he descends from subtler realms to make stones, dense matter, sing, the hearts swing, heralding a new era of harmony..... this legend had been a personal quest, in fact has initiated our work with lithophones, has brought the
phenomenon of our Singing Stones (in collaboration with Prof. Fessmann and the 'Klangsteine'). With it came the sense and confirmation that we are only at a beginning of 'something else', a new wave of unprecedented acoustic, sensory, synaesthetic, synergistic phenomena of sound through new instruments, new tunings, timbres, resonances.
And possibly all of this not only can happen in the solitary cell of the inventor, artisan and specialist, but wants to come into our awareness as a growing community of listeners, following that calling and auditory perceptions of a wonderful next step in our evolution.